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What is Karaya? Origins and Uses of Karaya Gum in Ostomy Materials

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What is Karaya? Origins and Uses of Karaya Gum in Ostomy Materials

Karaya is a substance used in Ostomy supplies this sort of as pores and skin obstacles and powders, but what exactly is it, and why is it utilised?

Karaya, or “Karaya gum” is a vegetable-based all purely natural merchandise derived from the comfortable Sterculia urens tree native to India and Pakistan. The karaya gum is developed by collecting the gum by getting rid of bark or drilling holes into the trunk of the tree.

Recognized as safe and sound and non-harmful, Karaya is employed in a lot of goods ranging from meals emulsifiers, adhesives, laxitives, dentures, lotions, and of program, ostomy materials.

The finest, purest clinical grade Karaya gum is clear to white in color and can also arrive in powder variety. From a chemistry standpoint, Karaya will take in h2o promptly and kinds a “gum”. It can soak up as substantially as 100 periods its body weight in drinking water. With better concentrations of drinking water, Karaya forms a gel or paste that can be utilised to easily and properly smooth out rough or uneven pores and skin.

Why is Karaya employed in ostomy supplies?

Ordinarily, you are going to find Karaya both as a powder or utilized to pores and skin obstacles/wafers.

Allows Avoid Bacterial Bacterial infections: – Karaya has chemical attributes to help cut down bacterial adhesion, the exact same causes that make it wonderful for denture adhesion.

Allows Irritated and Delicate Skin: – Irritated pores and skin is a prevalent affliction to the pores and skin all around a colostomy or illeostomy stoma, and Karaya’s distinctive chemical homes enable it to build a protecting gel about the afflicted pores and skin and take up excess dampness. This makes certain the skin is secured prior to attaching a barrier and ostomy appliance to the pores and skin. This is also fantastic for clients who may perhaps have delicate or fragile pores and skin that does not accept artificial pores and skin boundaries.

What kind of Karaya ostomy provides are offered?

Karaya Powder – Powder is used prior to using a pores and skin barrier, typically for irritated skin to serve as an excess layer of safety from bacteria infections and to maintain the pores and skin from even more discomfort due to the adhesion of the new barrier. When utilizing the powder, it will soak up dampness from the skin to generate a sticky and mildly adhesive “gel”. Powder is bought in small puff bottles that make it straightforward to utilize evenly.

Karaya Paste – A karaya paste is utilized to the pores and skin to enable prevent discomfort as perfectly as help clean out irregular pores and skin surfaces when an Ostomy appliance is applied. The skin is secured from leaks by the purely natural hydrocolloid Karaya gum. The pastes are frequently offered in squeeze tubes.

Karaya Skin Obstacles – Pores and skin barriers with normal Karaya provide lots of of the similar added benefits it assists protect against pores and skin damaging organisms from expanding on the skin and gives some versatility and convexity in the barrier, allowing it to conform to irregular stomas, flush stomas, or skin folds. Also, maintain in intellect Karaya skin limitations are only mildly adhesive so it truly is probable that a tape border is essential for a strong adhesion.

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