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Portals of Evil – Opening and Closing Them Are Your Good Intentions Opening the Wrong Doorways?

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Portals of Evil – Opening and Closing Them  Are Your Good Intentions Opening the Wrong Doorways?

Each year thousands of lives are injured or shattered by inadvertently opening supernatural portals of evil and destruction. Almost always these invisible doors are unlocked by people who have good intentions but are looking for answers in the wrong places. How does this happen? Are there things that we or family members have done that have invited negative forces into our home? If so, what would the signs be? Is there something we might be unknowingly doing that open them? And more importantly, how can we safely close and lock down these demonic connections?

When we make a free will choice to receive information outside of our own self, it is imperative that we have accurate discernment to know who we are contacting. Often people accept any supernatural communication as if it is from God or someone who is trying to help us. When this supposition is wrong, it ends up in destroying the innocent, infecting homes and families, and creating a string of problems that continually harasses and follows the person, their loved ones, an item or their home.

We live in a world where what is seen with our eyes and heard with our ears is not hardly as much as the eyes and ears that see and hear us. What does this mean? There is a vast invisible world of good and evil around us every moment of every day. There are those who are good: Christ, the Holy Angels, our personal guardian Angel, loved ones who have passed on and are now in spirit form, and guides that were once alive on earth and have been sent by God to help us in an area that they are experts in. And the highest good of all, God – the Father of Divine Love himself; who desires beneficial communication with us so that we may have guidance, protection and peace in our lives.

Truly, we were not created to know everything ourselves, but to look outside of ourselves for higher wisdom – we were created with an empty God-spot that only heavenly spiritual connection can fill. Our spiritual nature is part of the great three balances that we need to attain and maintain a happy life – physical, emotional and spiritual health. Although we may try to put fame, fortune, relationships or material possessions into that spot, nothing will fill it but what it was made for – spiritual connection. So the problem is not that we are looking; the problem is how and from whom.

Not all that is invisible is there to scare us, but not all are there to help us either. There are unHoly Angels (demons) and manipulated ghosts who are all too willing to pretend to be someone they are not, and to mislead and ruin us if left unchecked. Our free will is a shield that can get holes in it, and holes open us up to attack and manipulation by these entities. This can create suffering from unexplainable, prolonged, repetitive or unusual health problems, severe depression, constant assaults on finances, physical health or family and relationships and many other debilitating problems; even to the point of wanting to commit suicide. This is the ultimate goal of evil – wanting the person to feel separated from God, their loved ones, even themselves – that they are “crazy” and hopeless and lost, so that they will ultimately destroy themselves. This is not what God wants, and there are Deliverance prayers and things we can do to become whole and free again (find the prayer in the article Are You Being Attacked? Deliverance and Exorcism).

What is the difference between being attacked and opening a portal? An attack can be a one-time thing, or occur several times through places of damage in our shield of free will. A portal is where an invitation has been made through use of a material object which now becomes a touchstone or channel for unHoly Angels to move through as they please, as many as they want, for constant attacks. This can happen on purpose, as when an object or place is dedicated to a demon by a ritual of various kinds. The object may then be given or sold to another person, thus passing the connections on with it. Whether the person receiving it knows about it or not they have just made a binding contract to the demons by agreeing to accept the gift. Or if a person bought it, to the demon world that contract is still as binding to the person who now owns it, as it was from the beginning by the person who first dedicated it through ritual. Not all dedicated items become portals, but the incidence is high. Can you see now the importance of knowing from who and where your items come? Be especially careful if items have come from out of the country, or are very old. Many portal items are considered expensive, so the person owning them may shy away from getting rid of them. But some are simple and basic to not raise undue attention.

Please note that because of individual free will, God also allows touchstones of good to be utilized as aids to help people (crucifixes, pictures of Jesus, prayer cards, the Bible, etc.) but a channel is never allowed to open as a portal through material items. For example, a person may hold a crucifix in their hand while praying for an Angel to help them, and it will be done. But the channel of connection and sending an Angel occurred because of the prayer, not because it was inherent in the item that was held. Even in places where apparitions of Mary have been seen, a high energy may be felt (all high energies leave a dusting on surrounding areas) but there is no portal. The same may be said for a religious or beloved item that has been passed down through family lines – we may feel the energy on it of love and comfort, but it has no power of its own.

A material item will never be utilized by God to create a portal for Holy Angels to have free will to go back and forth through. However, through the simple process of prayer, Angels can be given the ability to have continual authority and free will interaction to protect, guide and interact in behalf of us, the earth, and those that we pray for. In fact, special prayers called The Divine Decrees have been given for those who are living at this time of world shift, and one of the blessings they provide is the ability to call for the Holy Angels to use their own discernment to intervene in our lives at any time that they think best. And even these prayers must be repeated again within a few days – our free will interaction is needed to continue it.

UnHoly Angels have been around for thousands of years, they know the history of mankind, and have watched all the choices and interactions of your life too. So they also know what kind of things people have used as aids to contact them. These touchstone items are closely monitored by the unHoly Angels. And any new ways that people start using are also placed on the list. Some of these things are everyday items that we may not even realize have a history of divination behind them, but can be triggered as portals if we make an intention, even accidentally, to do so. Even if it is not in our culture or knowledge of how it was previously used, we can damage ourselves that easily.

For example, candles have been used as centuries, for good and for bad. Holy candles are a common thing, and every church has a good supply of them, including various traditions in using them, such as lighting one in memory of a loved one who has passed. But they have also have been/are being used in ceremonies to contact the dead (who may not be the actual loved ones), worship ancestors, pay homage to demons and to ask questions of the future. Does that mean lighting a candle or having it in your home is a bad idea? No. But be aware of how you use it, since it is an item monitored high on the list. If you find yourself staring into a candle while the thought “if only I had a sign that Sunny really loves me,” or “I wish I could see grandma again” goes through your head, you might inadvertently get answers from someone you will soon wish you had never met, and it may open a portal through that item, especially if your emotion about the question is very high at the time.

A good rule of thumb is to preface all your important questions in a prayerful manner. Spend time in communication with God, and ask for the Holy Angels to have free will to interact in your life. Setting time aside to do this will give you peace of mind and help you not have your most pressing questions at the forefront of your mind all the time. “Be joyful always, pray continually.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16) In this way, you are asking for spiritual connection in the right way and to the right person, God. And he will provide the answers and what you need at the right time for it. You can count on it.

Similar to the candle, cards of all forms have been used throughout history for good and for bad. This is also why cards in the form of Tarot are a place of real danger, because the prospect of connecting to the wrong word of advice is very real. The same danger can be triggered by dowsing, numerology, palmistry, Wicca, astrology, past life regressions, séances, and Ouija boards, to list a few. These are all places where good and bad can end up getting mixed up very easily, no matter what the intention of the person might be. Surrounding yourself with white light does little good when you are saying that with one side of your mouth and the demons hear you calling them with the other. It is a mixed signal, and the Holy Angels will not answer you this way.

Think of it this way – if a person wants you to drink poison, he will not put it in water – you would taste the bitterness right away and spit it out. But if it is mixed in a sweet drink, it is more difficult to recognize, and there is a good chance you might swallow it right down, to your own demise. It is the same with information given through unclean sources. Yes, they are real connections who might have built a strong relationship with you by being 95% accurate – but watch out for that 5%, for it will kill you. We have a tendency to believe all that is said to us when most has made sense to us or been proven to be right. That is exactly where the manipulation will now come in. And the outcome the demons want is our destruction. When we have built up a place of trust with these beings through methods of divination, it is only a matter of time before they turn on us – because after all, we have chosen and made a contract.

Portals can also be caused by people dabbling in the occult, whether they are just kids reading something out of a book or a small group intent on making a supernatural link. Demonic haunting of homes and graveyards often happen in this way, and it can become a portal on the land or the building itself. What some may start out as simple curiosity can bring into the home evil that will follow and attack the person(s) or house for years and years. What can happen? Inability to think clearly, seeing dark shapes or running shadows, hearing scratching, footsteps, screaming or other voices, difficulty with prayer (especially when using the name Jesus), oppressive thoughts, being touched or shaken at night, dizziness, seeing visions of disturbing or violent images, severe aggressive or depressive mood changes, smelling rotting flesh, receiving bodily scratches, items being thrown or smashed against walls or the floor, images of demons or contorted faces in gaseous form or in window or mirror reflections, severe headaches, nausea, unexplained electrical problems, physical gagging and not being able to breathe, being pushed or tripped, feeling like you are underwater or in a wave of heaviness, and even possession itself. And if the demon has been invited through a portal, it is not just about getting rid of the current offending demon(s), but also closing the door so no more come.

How do you cleanse an unclean item? Bless it with Holy Water, and any negative energy dusting will disappear. If the item is still dark, bust it up, put it in the ground, burn it in a safe place, and cover it back up. It must be totally destroyed so no one else could ever use it. How do you close a portal? Find the offending item, the trigger – whether it is a room in the house or the object. Prayer is essential, for this is a war you are fighting, and you must cleanse the area by the authority and confidence you have by faith. Your winning team is God, his Holy Angels, and his son, Jesus Christ. It is by the name of Christ that you can cast the demons out, and close the portal. It is not a time for fear. This means if you are afraid, call in those who have a stronger faith than you. When you ask another to do it for you and they agree, a new contract now exists for good, and the cleansing can occur in your behalf. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.”(Zechariah 4:6)

A house blessing is essential, a dedication of all things to the God of Love, and a choice of turning away from the things that caused the problems to begin with. “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) Sprinkle Holy water in each room, and anointing oil over each window while reading prayers and scriptures out loud. It is similar to doing a Deliverance on a house instead of a person, so adjust the Deliverance prayer and use it. Be specific about where you are casting out the demons to – do not simply cast them out of your area, or to the desert or back where they came from – send the demons to God to deal with as he sees fit. Put a crucifix over each door that leads to the outside, and one over each bed. Also be specific in your wording that you know you have the authority as a child of God through the name of Jesus Christ to close the portal and that it will be done. Whether you are a Christian or not, all the demons know who Jesus is and the authority he has over them (read Why Jesus’ Life is Important Beyond Religion). Gather a group of friends and sing uplifting religious songs and call in the Holy Spirit for physical, emotional and spiritual healing on all participants. Receive an offering of communion in the house, and continue to arrange occasions for celebration and joy such as birthdays and anniversaries. Cultivate a prayerful attitude and make a sacred space or altar in the home where you go daily to pray, also making it a place where you arrange things that remind you of wonderful times in your life; for love, joy and happiness are Godly things. Make the darkest places the lightest, both spiritually and with physical lights and lamps.

And remember that no matter how bad it may seem, you are already a child of God and have the authority as his child to call on him whenever you like, and he will send Holy Angels to fight for you and protect you. But you must take action to do so. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7,8) And this door, happily, is one you can open any time, and can trust with your life.

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