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African Kpanlogo Drums

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African Kpanlogo Drums

From the tribes of Ghana, West Africa, the traditional Kpanlogo drum is affiliated with Kpanlogo tunes and dance of the Ga and Ewe tribes. The Kpanlogo is a member of the membranophone, or drum-head lined shell or vibrating stretched membrane, relatives of musical devices.

The Kpanlogo ensemble consists of a assortment of percussion instruments which includes the Kpanlogo in a wide range of dimensions, the Djembe, and dunun drums, alongside with shekeres (shakers), metal chimes. and cowbell.

The Kpanlogo drum head is commonly made from antelope pores and skin rawhide, but could also be built of cow, or much less frequently, goatskin. Shaved antelope and cow pores and skin heads audio practically equivalent, and supply for a thick, sturdy drumming floor. The skin is tightened and tuned as a result of the use of six wood pegs. As a result of vigorous taking part in, tonal pitch may drop somewhat. The tuning pegs allow for easy correction as a result of straightforward tapping of the pegs with a rubber, wooden, or leather (Under no circumstances steel!) mallet till the sought after pitch is attained.

The appearance of the Kpanlogo drum is really comparable to that of the Conga drum. The Kpanlogo shell is carved from a single piece of wood, this kind of as the sustainably harvested Tweneboa, or schwenoha wooden. Each and every drum has in depth symbols, or adinkra, carved into the sides. Adinkra are visible representations of social, religious, and moral attitudes and beliefs, and incorporate a exclusive splendor to just about every drum.

It can be performed utilizing any methods related to that of Conga or Djembe Drums. Applying their conventional approach, the Ewe of Ghana created five variations of unique seem.

1. Bass – Whilst holding the fingers firmly shut together, with palms marginally cupped, bounce off the middle of the head

2. Tone – Strike the head with the index finger. At the same time, enable the 3rd knuckle to make make contact with with the rim of the drum

3. Slap – All over again, with firm fingers, strike the drum head, while the top of the palm tends to make get in touch with with the rim

4. Mute – Making use of firm finger strategies, strike the drum, generating a “dead” audio without having a tone

5. Muted Slap – Build a high pitched crack by inserting the open palm of just one hand on the drum head and “slap” it with the other hand

The Kpanlogo is NOT made to be played with beaters or sticks. Though the antelope cover employed for the drum head is incredibly tricky, making use of objects to strike your drum may result in harm to the head.

Retaining the affliction of your Kpanlogo will take small work on your element. Both equally head and system may well simply be cleaned utilizing a moist (Under no circumstances Damp!) cloth. The oils from your arms, transferred while taking part in, ought to be adequate to retain the drum head versatile. DO NOT use business cleansing products and solutions on either the head or physique of your drum, as this might consequence in damage to the skin head or finish of the overall body.

If the drum head does become excessively dry, for occasion, if utilised sometimes above very long durations of time, use a Really Mild dressing of olive, or other vegetable oil. Be fastidious in wiping absent ANY extra, and be absolutely sure to remove any dressing that may possibly drip on to the drum physique. With proper use and care, your Kpanlogo Drum need to very last for a life span of drumming satisfaction!

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